Servicing & Auto Repair

Our servicing & auto repair covers all aspects and all makes and models of vehicle.

Comprehensive Service

Our comprehensive service package includes:

  • Air, fuel, cabin and oil filter check.
  • Spark plugs.
  • Engine oil.
  • Coolant top-ups.
  • Windscreen washer fluid.
  • Brake fluid top up.
  • Power steering top up (if applicable).
  • Full clean of engine and components.
  • Check up of all tyre pressures.
  • Full inspection of vehicle including brake pads.
  • Lighting system check.

Intermediate Service.

  • Oil filter.
  • Air filter.
  • Fuel filter and cabin filters replaced.
  • Engine oil check.

Quick Service

Our quick service is for those of you that have regular services but just want a quick once over to make there are no glaring problems on your car for peace of mind if for instance you are planning a long journey.

  • Oil and filter change.

Auto Repair

We repair all makes and models of vehicle. Rest assured that whatever is wrong with your car, we can fix it. We offer a guarantee of our work and the parts have their own guarantee.

Always service often

Your vehicle has lots of moving parts so it’s a great idea to service your car at least once a year possibly more if you run it particularly hard. Some elements of your car will need things regularly, for example the oil will need to be changed after a certain number of miles and a CAM belt will need to be changes roughly every 60,000 miles. You need to keep a proper record of your activities in your cars log book so you, and others, know when to check It may sound counterintuitive but servicing your car regulalry can actually save you money.

Other things to keep an eye on

  • Make sure you regularly check the pressure of your tyres. If you maintain the recommended pressure your tyres will llast longer and keep the trackig straight, you will also use less fuel.
  • Keep an eye on your oil, this nees to be changed frequently. Check your manufacturer for recommendations.
  • CAM Belt or timing belt, these usually need to be replaced after 60,000 miles or so.
  • If you notice that light appear on your dashboard then it could mean there is something wrong with your engine. Engine diagnostics can help identify the reason.

Engine Rebuilds

MOT Testing Station

AB Autos Chard MOT Testing Station Servicing and Repairs

Tyre Fitting

AB Autos Chard We fit tyres, balancing and tracking

AB Auto Services

Rear Axles

We supply and fit refurbished and reconditioned rear axles for Citroen and Peugeot vehicles.

Wheels & Tyres

We can get you set up with a fresh set of tyres and balance your wheels while we are at it. Just ask one of our mechanics.

Engine Diagnostics

Using our fault diagnostics tools enable us to quickly identify vehicle problems. This saves us all time and money.


Our MOT”s are probably the cheapest around at £35. We can also perform all the necessary work if your car fails.

Premium & Budget Tyre Brands Fitted Here