Car Tyre Fitting & Exhausts

When we are car tyre fitting we check all of the elements to make sure that you are running as smoothly as possible. So when we change your car tyres we balance the wheels, align the tracking and make sur ethe tyres are pumped up to the correct psi.

New Tyres

We have a large range of tyres available here at AB Autos, suitable for all makes and model of vehicle, all budgets and all driving conditions. Whether you are looking for performance tyres for your car or economy tyres for your van, you can rely on our large collection and highly experienced team.

Puncture Repair

Not all punctures require that you have your tyre replaced. Sometimes we can repair the puncture. Our mechanics can identify if the tyre can be repaired according to the government guidelines.

Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels can result in an uncomfortable drive due to vibration in the steering wheel at certain road speeds – generally speaking over 50 mph – or vibration in the seat or floor area of your car. Wheels being out of balance can cause significant tyre wear and affect handling.

It is important that you regularly check up on your tyres. Tyre rotations and balanced wheels are important parts of your vehicle’s overall performance.

Wheel Alignment and Tracking

Wheel alignment, sometimes called tracking, is the process of getting both of the car’s wheels to point in the same direction which provides better handling, increaae driver comfort driving and last but not least, proper wheel alginment can increase the life of your tyres.

Air Pressure

Every car has a vehicle handbook where you can check the correct pressures for your particular car tyres. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that the car tyres have the correct pressure.

The correct pressure in car tyres has significant advantages. It increases the safety of your vehicle, increases the life of your tyres, makes each gallon of petrol last a ltitle bit longer and makes the car handle as was intended.


Every section of your exhaust is as important as the next. We’ve all heard the cars with blown exhausts tearing around sounding like Forumla One cars. From the catalytic converter to the manifold we have you covered. Pop into our workshop on the Furnham Road and one of our mechanics will make sure your exhaust if properly fitted, fixed, and as quiet as it should be.

Engine Rebuilds

MOT Testing Station

AB Autos Chard MOT Testing Station Servicing and Repairs

Tyre Fitting

AB Autos Chard We fit tyres, balancing and tracking

AB Auto Services

Service & Repair

Has your car developed a funny ticking noise? Does your dashboard display any warning lights? Your car might need a service.

Rear Axles

We supply and fit refurbished and reconditioned rear axles for Citroen and Peugeot vehicles.

Engine Diagnostics

Using our fault diagnostics tools enable us to quickly identify vehicle problems. This saves us all time and money.


Our MOT”s are probably the cheapest around at £35. We can also perform all the necessary work if your car fails.

Premium & Budget Tyre Brands Fitted Here

Customer Testimonials

If you have any problems with your axles on your Peugeot/Citroen vans or cars then get yourselves aquainted with these guys, I travelled 115 miles today to get my berlingo axle sorted and I wasn’t disappointed. A top job done in super quick time and at a price I was well happy with : )
Well Done and Thanks Guys!

Mark Holmes


My 205 gti rear beam started feeling worn out so I bought a refurbished beam from AB Axles. I was impressed with the work - it was cleaned up properly and care was taken when being rebuilt and painted. I'm so impressed with how tight the rear end now feels. Top quality work from these guys and will recommend to anyone. Customer service is excellent. Would definitely use again in the future.

James Eaton

Just drove 2 and a half hours to see these guys after my beloved saxo failed it's mot due to play in the rear radius arm, I was quoted over £500 and 5 hours by a local garage. AB Axles did it for £300 in 2 hours, kept me well informed throughout and were a pleasure to deal with. Would definitely recommend, lovely guys and amazing service!

Petra Votzakis

South West